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Job posting for a Project Manager in Montreal

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몬트리올에 소재한 Index Web Marketing라는 기업에서 소프트웨어개발을 위한 한국어에 능통한 프로젝트매니저를 찾고 있습니다.


Project Manager, Software Development, Intermediate or Junior


Company Overview

As part of its expansion, Index is growing its team and adding a Project Manager with expertise in Web Marketing to its Montreal division. You will primarily work on developing technology products (marketing solutions and artificial intelligence) as well as helping our production team on various client projects. 

You will be provided with tools you’ve always dreamed of using – many already developed in-house. Your abilities will prove their worth while working on projects involving highly competitive industries. You will have a global, and quantifiable, impact on major accounts. You will be collaborating closely with the most innovative web marketing team in Montreal. We guarantee you will be working with leaders in their respective fields.

Whether you have a diploma or not, we want to work with you if you’re passionate, talented, and innovative!

Job Summary

  • Product management: You will mainly work on products, such as our flagship product – a web marketing A.I. solution
  • Project leadership: Work with developers, designers and marketing experts from various teams
  • Establish and manage project deadlines and budgets for each new project
  • Act as an intermediary between clients and the company
  • Manage and support internal and external teams
  • Periodically perform follow-ups on assigned projects and identify any situation or risk that could compromise the progress of projects
  • Provide indicators for each project to the management team to enhance project progression
  • Implement project management processes and make sure that they are followed
  • Provide reports to clients and partners
  • Participate in the preparation and review of proposals in order to simultaneously assure support to sales strategies, and effective risk management
  • Participate in business development strategies, cross-sells, and upsells
  • Create paper or digital prototypes (wireframes)
  • Provide support to clients
  • Perform Quality Assurance Tests
  • Contribute to creativity sessions for the product
  • Participate in team building activities
  • Contribute to the company’s research and development activities

Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum of 1 year of project management experience in the field of software development and/or web marketing
  • Attention to detail and good organizational skills in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Knowledge of Google Drive Suite
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team, and to multitask several projects at once under tight deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills in both spoken English and French, as well as writing skills in English and French


  • Proficiency in spoken and/or written Korean, Portuguese or Spanish
  • A good understanding of artificial intelligence technology
  • Certifications or experience in web marketing
  • University degree in administration, communications, marketing or a related discipline
  • Passion for the web & new technologies
  • A great fit with our company vision and values
  • Familiarity with the agency ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurial and leadership qualities

Benefits and Perks

  • Competitive salary
  • High-growth, high-impact on some of Canada’s largest companies
  • Regular team activities
  • Annual bonus
  • Company stock options possibility
  • Startup vibe (casual dress code, espresso machine, Foosball)
  • International opportunities
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