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Call for Nomination

The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE) is inviting nominations for the 23rd AKCSE President candidates for two-year term beginning Jan. 2021. The AKCSE President will be elected in accordance with the provisions of Bylaw Article 8 (

Nomination process and deadline

Nominations are now invited for the 23rd AKCSE president election. Nominations, to be submitted by e-mail (, must be received at the AKCSE no later than Midnight EST on Friday, July 31, 2020.  Nominations must be in writing, signed by the nominating member (who is regular member of AKCSE), and be certified by the candidate. 

Candidate biography and statements

A nomination should be accompanied by a candidate biography, which should cover factual matters relating to firm or employment, educations, history with AKCSE, and at least two supporting letters from AKCSE regular members.

Candidates are also encouraged to include a candidate statement indicating why they would like to serve AKCSE as president, addressing particular issues of concern or interest.

The biography, statement, and a photo (passport size) should be provided to the Election Chair (Dr. Bumsoo Kim, within the posted deadline of nomination. 

For further information on these requirements, please contact AKCSE head office, (416) 449-5204 /

Materials not received by the deadline (Midnight EST on Friday, July 31, 2020.) will not be accepted or made available to the membership, and may result in the nomination being rejected.


Bumsoo Kim, PhD

Nomination Chair of AKCSE


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