[KIGAM-AKCSE] Call for Proposal (Phase 1) - Deadline extended (Due date: August 26, 4 PM MST)

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아래와 같이 KIGAM-AKCSE 연구 과제 응모를 안내 드립니다.


자세한 사항은 R&D Canada 홈페이지 (http://rndcanada.kosen21.org)의 "과제제안서 메뉴"서 확인하시기 바랍니다.




Dear AKCSE members,


We are pleased to announce the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) Basic Research Projects.


This KIGAM project will be conducted in two phases.  Phase 1 will try to match AKCSE members with KIGAM researchers, and Phase 2 will develop full proposals in collaboration with KIGAM researchers.


Please note that “2020-2024 KIGAM Basic Research Projects” document is not to be distributed and should be treated as confidential.


  • Possible Duration: 2020.3 - 2024.2 (up to 5 years)
  • Funding size: $50k to $100k/year (depends on collaborative nature and funding supports from other sources)



A. Phase 1 Initial Proposal:

Based on the attached document, “2020-2024 KIGAM Basic Research Projects”, please select the appropriate topic(s) and propose necessary ideas to meet the needs.

Proposal length - up to 4 pages, using the attached template. CV must be attached.

Once an appropriate partner - PI from KIGAM is matched, the selected applicant(s) will be invited to Phase 2.


Deadline (extension): August 26, 4 pm MST

Submission: Email to Dr. Simon Park, KIGAM Ambassador (simon.park@ucalgary.ca) and Dr. Il Yong Kim, VP-R&D (kimiy@queensu.caOr through RND Canada

Either Korean or English is acceptable.



B. Phase 2 Full Proposal:

Only the selected applicants from Phase 1 will be invited to submit.  

Approx. deadline date (subject to change): Oct. 11, 2019

The details of Phase 2 will be announced soon.





Dr. Simon Park, KIGAM Ambassador

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